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Wander down the Bajada de Baños, Barranco and you’ll come across El Gato Tulipán. Here you can find art, music and coffee! The Colectivo Felino provides an opportunity for local photographers and artists to exhibit their works. it also offers a chance to take music lessons. And yes, it does sell coffee from Chanchamayo!

The Colectivo de Artistas was formed six years ago. They opened the cultural space in Barranco eight months ago They do social work, with the community. They have worked with Malambito in Barranco, also with the community in Pucusana, and with a girls orphanage in Magdalena.

Patricio is the founder of El Gato Tulipán. He is a peruvian musician, who lived in Europe for several years before coming back and starting El Gato .Tulipán He studied classical guitar at the Conservatorio. We also met Pilar, a Peruvian-Spanish clothing designer, who is also in-charge of the administration. You can find the clothes she has designed on sale in the shop.

El Gato  Tulipán is a cultural space where you can find exhibitions, music and delicious coffee, it’s definitely not just one thing.  Right at the front, there is a room for exhibitions where there are also musical performances. Straight ahead is the music room, where they give a variety of music lessons and they have their piano. Then there is the shop where they sell the different things the artists in the colectivo make, including sculptures, mugs, plates, clothes, and many other things. And then comes the cafe/bar, with coffee, brought from Chanchamayo and a special artesanal beer you can only buy here, Cerveza Artesanal Chicucha. The last space in the very eclectic terrace, overlooking the Bajada de Baños, a great place to spend the afternoon.

Opening hours:
Wednesday – Sunday from 12-8 pm
Friday-Saturday opened until 10 pm (and if there’s an event, until the end of the event!)

El Gato Tulipán




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