Huaca Mateo Salado

The Huaca Mateo Salado is more than just an historic site! It has forged close ties with the community and promotes cultural and art events.

The Huaca is situated between the districts of Pueblo Libre and Breña. It is one of the most important archaeological examples of pre-Hispanic culture in Lima. It was both an administrative and ceremonial center.

It’s hard to believe that this important archaeological site was only rescued from gradual destruction in 2007. Comprising of five distinct pyramids and an Inca road, this was an important center of activity for both the Ychsma and later the Inca civilization.

Visitors can walk around this impressive site with an experienced guide. You also have access to the main pyramid, from the top of which, you get a panoramic view of Lima.

Mateo Salado has created an educational space called “Huaca para Niños” This small huaca promotes activities for children and is also used as an auditorium for Cultural events (scenic presentations, cinema, conversations, etc.) These events have free admission.

Mateo Salado


Address: Talavera, Distrito de Lima 15083
Phone: (01) 3215624

Open – Wednesday – Sunday 09:00 am – 16:00 pm

The entrance fee includes a guide.

Adults: 10 soles
Teachers and students of higher education: 5 soles
Students and children under 12 years: 1 sol.
Military, teachers and adults over 60 years: 50% discount.
Groups greater than 25 people must make a reservation to the telephone numbers 6189393 – annex 1060 or 3215624 (direct). They can also make reservations and request further reports by email.

Huaca Mateo Salado